Precise and Fast-response Piece Recognition
Patented technology, Blitz and Bullet games supported
Play Online at Mainstream Platform
With a natural chess set and get rid of the shackles of screen and mouse
Live Broadcast
Broadcast your game to anybody, anywhere
Piece Recognition
Chessnut Air can detect anything happening on the board in real-time
Generate a link then share it to your friend or social media
Cutting-Edge AI Engine
Stockfish v11 built in
adaptive difficulty keeps the game challenging
The engine provides hints and analysis to help you improve
Chessnut software provides a GUI(Graphical User Interface) for importing UCI standard engine
Wooden Frame
Made of finest quality real woods, which makes it more classy and durable
LED Indicators
Visually show opponent’s move, no longer need to stare at the screen
Buttons and Status Lights
Conveniently operate the board to create and save a game
Digital Chess Pieces
Textured plastic chess pieces, every single piece could be identified by type and color
Multi-Platform Support
User-friendly applications on Window, macOS, iOS and Android, designed by Chessnut software team
Storage and Analysis
Can save up-to 20 OTB games into the built-in storage
Export PGN/FEN files for further study and analysis
Save entire FEN files and offer a user-friendly PGN editor to help you to reproduce the actual situation
Product Specifiation
33cm x 33cm x 1.8cm
BLE 4.2
USB Type
Up-to 50 games
Square Size
3.5 x 3.5 cm
Kings Height
3.2 lbs
Powered by Arm Cortex M4
Rechargeable Battery Life
Up-to 10 hours
No Press
Magnetic Sensor detection