The Chessnut App will be downloadable at the Apple Store and the Play Store after the project finished. And you can also download the App for PC/mac from our official website https://www.chessnutech.com
As we haven't reached an official agreement with chess.com yet, we can't claim that we support chess.com in the promotional video to avoid legal issues(Lichess has open APIs so no such concerns). You can play on chess.com with our product as shown in the video.
It is a feature many backers want and we have not implemented yet. Therefore, this will be the second feature we will implement due to your suggestions. We are studying on it and it will be set as a stretch goal.
Yes, we have UCI engine importing function on both macOS and Windows APP.
Because there are chips in the pieces for recognition, it is required to use Chessnut pieces. We will launch an web store on our official website later and you can purchase replacements on it.
The dimensions are 33cm*33cm*1.8cm with king height 6.8cm. The pieces are plastic but weighted.
No need to press the board, just put the pieces on slightly, the board can detect the moves precisely and quickly. You are as easy as using a normal chess board.
We have livestream function in our APP, you can easily generate a link and share it to wherever you want, it is a HTML5 page which can show the moves in real time.
We have SDK for programmers to create custom apps, and will release it in our developer community in the next stage(after the KS project finished).
We are working on that. Tournament size chess sets maybe will release in the next year.
The AI built in the Apps so you do need a PC/mac/phone/tablet if you want to play with the AI chess engine.
Yes, we support OTB games. You can play a game with your friend without any connection. The moves will be saved into the built-in storage. You can export a .pgn file for further analysis. But the chess AI engine is bulit in our App, if you want to play with AI, you need to connect a device running our App.